Engelsberg Ball Valve model KUL

Reliable and durable ball valves for tight shut off in liquid and gas applications. Special design avoiding hidden cavities between ball and body for a longer product life cycle, even in applications containing particles and fibers. Available with soft seat in PTFE and with a PEEK seat for higher temperatures and abrasive media. Can be delivered with hand lever or gear. Actuators can be installed via the mounting flange according to ISO 5211.

Available models/configurations for the Engelsberg KUL series:

KUL 4201= Threaded connection, reduced port
KUL 4301= Threaded connection, full port
KUL 4401= Flange connection, reduced port
KUL 4501= Flange connection, full port 8201= Flange+welded connection, reduced port
KUL 4601= Welded connection, reduced port
KUL 4701= Welded connection, full port
KUL 5501= Wafer design, reduced port
KUL 7201= Threaded+welded connection, reduced port
KUL 7301= Threaded+welded connection, full port
KUL 8301= Flange+welded connection, full port


Product information

Techical specification

  • DN15 to DN200
  • Up to PN100
  • -40°C to 170°C
  • Titanium ASTM grade 2 and grade 5, 254 SMO, Duplex, Super Duplex, Hastelloy C-276, 904L
  • Rate A acc. to EN12266-1
  • Threaded BSP, NPT, welded, flanged or wafer
  • Soft seat - Carbon filled PTFE/PEEK
  • Floating ball valve
  • Full or reduced

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