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Our valve solutions for the energy industry

Valves are used in a wide range of applications in the energy industry. In the realm of traditional energy production, they play a pivotal role in the extraction, refining, and distribution processes. Whether it's controlling the flow of crude oil through pipelines, regulating steam in power plants, or managing the flow of natural gas in distribution networks, valves ensure efficiency, safety, and reliability.

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In recent years, as the world shifts towards renewable energy sources, valves have found new applications in this dynamic sector. Resilience is a key attribute here, as renewable energy systems often operate in demanding environments, from offshore wind farms to solar power plants in harsh climates. Valves are integral components in these systems, ensuring precise control over the flow of resources such as water, air, or steam, optimizing energy generation and maximizing efficiency. 

One of the key challenges in the energy industry is to minimize downtime and maintenance costs while maintaining efficient operations. Our range of high-quality valves is designed to meet the diverse needs of traditional and renewable energy applications, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and sustainability. Whether it’s enhancing efficiency in fossil fuel operations or enabling the transition to renewable energy sources, our valves are engineered to withstand the rigors of the energy industry, contributing to a more resilient and sustainable energy future. 

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The right valve for hydrogen applications

Valves for hydrogen applications play a vital role in the emerging hydrogen economy, where hydrogen is increasingly being utilized as a clean and renewable energy carrier. Ramén Valves offer a wide range of valves from HEROSE, especially designed for hydrogen applications. Read more about our valves for hydrogen.

Selected products

Below is a small selection of valve types suitable for applications within the energy sector. To get in direct contact with our valve specialists for selection of valves for your specific application, please contact us or use the chat here on our website.

Ramen ball sector valve KS-1 product image

Ramén Ball Sector Valves – Available in a wide range of materials such as Hastelloy® C, SMO and titanium.

vacuum valve 100

Vacuum Valves – For protection of pressure vessels, tanks, digesters, containers, silos, hoppers, piping and other designs that may be exposed to under pressure.

HEROSE control valve

HEROSE Globe valves – Essential components in energy infrastructure, providing reliable and precise control over fluid flow in a wide range of applications within the energy sector.

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