Säkerhetsventiler för livsmedelsindustri Säkerhetsventiler för livsmedelsindustri

Our valve solutions for the food and pharma industry

In the intricate world of food and pharmaceutical production, precision, safety, and hygiene are paramount. That's why selecting the right valves is crucial to ensure smooth operations, maintain product integrity, and uphold the highest standards of quality and cleanliness.

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Valves for food and beverage applications

Ramén Valves has gained experience through the years and fulfill the requirements of the food and beverage industry, and the specific standards that apply to it. Our Ramén Ball Sector Valve meets the requirements of the EC declaration 2023/2006 and 1935/2004 regarding good manufacturing practice for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. The Ramén Ball Sector Valve has been trusted by leading names in the food and beverage industry such as AB Mauri, Tetra Pak, Heineken, Guinness, and Molson Coors.

In addition, we also offer a wide range of safety valves that meet the requirements for certifications that are often found in food production. See more below what products we recommend for applications in food handling.

Valves for pharmaceutical applications

In the pharmaceutical and medical technology fields, numerous hazardous materials are managed with protocols that prioritize safety, quality, and cleanliness. Therefore, selecting the appropriate valve that comply with these protocols is crucial. We offer hygienic safety valves from HEROSE that ensure cleanliness, safeguard the process, and preserve the environment.

See more below what products we recommend for applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Säkerhetsventiler för läkemedelsindustri

Field of applications

• CIP, Clean in place
• Clean air
• Steam
• Deminiralized water
• Nitrogen
• Vinasse
• Pasteurization line

Selected products

Below is a small selection of valve types suitable for applications within the food and pharma industry. To get in direct contact with our valve specialists for selection of valves for your specific application, please contact us or use the chat here on our website.