Safety valves for hydrogen gas

Choosing the right safety valve for hydrogen, which is a volatile and extremely light gas, can be tricky. We at Ramén Valves have several selected products from HEROSE that suit all steps in the hydrogen value chain, from production to storage, transport and use. We use the sizing and selection software Ramén PRO Sizing to find the most suitable valve for your application. Contact us for more information and access to the software.

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This is how Power-to-X works: flexible use of surplus energy

The term Power-to-X refers to the various technologies used to convert electrical power from renewable energy sources into other forms of energy. The hydrogen gas produced is a versatile, safe, and clean energy carrier that can be used as an energy raw material. The Power-to-X process enables the conversion of renewable electricity into storable fuel, which is then used as a carbon dioxide-neutral energy alternative.

Safety valves for electrolyzers

Electrolyzers often operate under elevated pressure to facilitate the storage and transport of hydrogen. In this process, safety valves should be used on oxygen lines and hydrogen lines where the media is in gaseous form and where the pressure can reach 55 bar.

For electrolyzers around 1 MW with pressure up to 55 bar, we recommend HEROSE safety valve 06011 or 06012. For electrolyzers with a larger capacity than 1 MW (up to 100 MW), we recommend model 06850 instead. Learn more about our valves for electrolyzers.

Safety valves for pipelines and underground storage of hydrogen gas

The renewable hydrogen gas may eventually replace the natural gas currently found in Europe’s pipeline infrastructure. Europe’s gas network operators then plan to reuse many natural gas pipelines for hydrogen use and to build new ones where needed. Local hydrogen producers will then be able to use these pipelines to reach customers located at longer geographical distances.

These pipelines typically operate at 50 to 80 bar. HEROSE safety valves can protect the equipment used to generate, compress and feed the hydrogen gas into the pipelines. Hydrogen can be stored in salt caves (just as natural gas is often stored today), in which the pressure can reach 200 bar. For such an application, we recommend the HEROSE safety valve model 06810.

Safety valves for the transport of liquid hydrogen

Liquid hydrogen is transported either via ships or trailers. During transport, the hydrogen gas keeps temperatures down to 255°C. The gas is also kept under low pressure, usually between 1 to 12 bar. When choosing a safety valve for such an application, it is important that it is a cryogenic valve that can handle pressures up to 25 bar. Read more about our valves for cryogenic gases.

Products we recommend

Below you will find a selection of safety valves from HEROSE that we at Ramén Valves recommend for hydrogen applications.

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