Safety valves - Everything you need to know

Safety valves are used within the industry to secure closed systems and protect people and equipment from harm. They are important components that come in many different types, models, and materials. On this page we have gathered information about how to best choose and size a safety valve for the application or the media it is going to be used for. Below you can find a number of industries, media and applications for which we at Ramén Valves recommend products based on the criteria and unique conditions found in those particular processes.

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Choose the right safety valve for your industry

Each industry has its unique set of requirements that installed safety valves must meet. Find your industry and learn more about how HEROSE safety valves can prevent damage to your system.

Säkerhetsventiler för läkemedelsindustri

Pharmaceutical industry

Säkerhetsventiler för livsmedelsindustri

Food industry

Säkerhetsventiler för industrin

General industry

Säkerhetsventiler för kemisk industri

Chemical industry

Choose the right safety valve for your application

Whether you need safety valves for gas, steam, or liquid, you prevent overpressure in your system with valves from HEROSE. Select your application below to read more about the types and models of valves we recommend.

Säkerhetsventiler för vätgas

Safety valves for hydrogen gas

Säkerhetsventiler för tryckluft och kompressorer

Safety valves for compressed gas, compressed air & compressors

Säkerhetsventiler för ånga

Safety valves for steam

Beräkning av säkerhetsventiler med VALVIO

Dimensioning & calculation of safety valves

With VALVIO, the new free dimensioning software from HEROSE, you can conveniently and precisely select safety valves that suit your process. After entering your unique parameters, VALVIO suggests the best option. We at Ramén Valves will of course help you with calculations if you wish. We can also book a meeting where we help you install and set up VALVIO.

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Do you need guidance?

Feel free to consult one of our valve experts! We can help you with for example dimensioning and selection of safety valves. We can also guide you if your business requires products with special certifications or materials.

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