Safety valves for steam

Safety valves are used in steam applications to protect against overpressure in, for example, steam boilers and ensure that the installation and the environment are safe. Safety is a crucial aspect when working with such high temperatures and steam is expensive to produce, so it should be used in a resource-efficient manner. By choosing the right safety valve with the right pressure settings, you can reduce the release into the atmosphere and thereby make both financial and environmental savings.

Säkerhetsventiler för ånga, autoklaver och ångpannor

Examples of applications:

  • Steam boilers
  • Autoclave
  • Industrial cooking equipment
  • Generators

Products we recommend

Below you will find a selection of safety valves from HEROSE that we at Ramén Valves recommend for applications where steam is present.

HEROSE säkerhetsventil modell 06395

Type 06850

Säkerhetsventil HEROSE modell 06380

Type 06395

HEROSE säkerhetsventil Modell 06801

Type 06801

HEROSE säkerhetsventil modell 06810

Type 06810