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Valve solutions for tomorrow's energy carrier

Hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, is emerging as a key player in the transition to a sustainable energy future. Despite its promise, hydrogen poses unique challenges. It requires compression, liquefaction, or chemical binding for efficient storage and transport. Moreover, careful material selection is crucial due to hydrogen's propensity to embrittle certain metals. This is where Ramén Valves steps in offering valves from HEROSE designed specifically for hydrogen applications ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability throughout the hydrogen value chain. With our in-stock availability and competitive pricing, we deliver solutions that match your needs, whenever you need them.

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Short facts about hydrogen

Hydrogen consists of two hydrogen atoms and has the chemical designation H2. It is the most common and lightest element.

  • Hydrogen is non-toxic, odorless, and colorless
  • Hydrogen can be released into atmosphere without negative effects but is very flammable and therefore explosive.
  • Hydrogen is considered a clean energy carrier when produced using renewable sources like solar or wind power.
  • Hydrogen is used in various industrial processes, including petroleum refining, ammonia production, and methanol synthesis.
  • Hydrogen forms bonds with other elements, such as oxygen in water (H₂O).
  • Hydrogen is used as rocket fuel in space exploration due to its high energy-to-weight ratio.

Valve selection for hydrogen applications

To ensure efficient and safe operation in your hydrogen application, it is important to carefully consider various factors when choosing a valve. One such determining factor is the compatibility of the material used in the valve. By choosing the right valve material, complications such as hydrogen embrittlement, increased pressure and internal stresses can be prevented.

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The value chain of Hydrogen

Ramén Valves offers selected products that suit all steps in the hydrogen value chain, from production to storage, transport and usage.



Hydrogen is produced through various methods, including:

• Electrolysis
• Steam methane reforming (SMR)
• Biomass gasification

Electrolysis is a technique that uses direct electric current to drive an otherwise non-spontaneous chemical reaction. Read more about electrolysis here.



Once produced, hydrogen needs to be stored for later use. There are various methods available to store hydrogen, such as:

• Compression
• Liquefaction
• Metal or carbon hydrides

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Hydrogen needs to be transported from production facilities to distribution centers and end-users. Common transportation methods include:

• Pipelines
• Liquid transport
• High-pressure tube trailers


end usage

End Usage

Hydrogen can be utilized in various applications, including:

• Fuel cells
• Industrial processes
• Energy storage

Recommended valves for hydrogen applications

Below you will find a selection of valves from HEROSE that we at Ramén Valves recommend for hydrogen applications. Hydrogen compatibility is ensured under all conditions by specially designed casting material for the housings and adapted material for the seat insert.

Explore our range of valves through our product platform by clicking on the links below. In the product platform you will find detailed pricing and delivery information. If you need help selecting the appropriate valve for your process, feel free to contact our technical specialists via our live chat for immediate assistance.


HEROSE globe valve FullX 11C01. Eliminates leaks and heat loss in hydrogen applications with HEROSE FullX.

HEROSE sätesventil 01741

HEROSE globe valve 01741. Globe valve in stainless steel, approved for cryogenic liquefied gases such as H2.

HEROSE säkerhetsventil 06810

HEROSE safety valve model 06810. To increase the amount hydrogen tank that can be stored in a tank, it is sometimes compressed to very high pressure. This model have been extensively used up to 550 bar and proven very reliable.

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