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Storage tank protection

To avoid dangerous situations and to spare the environment sometimes storage tank protection is needed. This means that an inert gas is introduced to a storage tank, to counter the effects of oxygen on the storage material. When using the inert or inactive gas, the storage material does not get in contact with the oxygen, which extends the lifetime of the product and potential hazardous conditions are avoided.

Storage tank protection is used in many different industries, for example the petroleum industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and food and beverage industry. They use tank blanketing for many different media such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and fuel.

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The benefits of storage tank protection

  • Avoid hazardous situations
  • Control and Prevent fire by diluting Oxygen content of the vapour space below the flammable range
  • Provide Corrosion protection by reducing oxygen content in the vapour space
  • Protect food from oxidization, contamination by preventing air and moisture from entering the tank
  • Protect the environment by limiting product evaporation by maintaining the proper atmosphere and pressure on the product stored in a tank
  • Work as primary vacuum relief for the storage tanks by supplying gas to the vapour space when pressure decreases below the valves set point
How the benefits are achieved

In a storage tank, the headspace contains a mixture of air and the vapour of the storage material. The mixture of the solvent vapour and air may ignite if it is within the solvent’s flammability limits. An inerting system decreases the probability of combustion of flammable materials stored in a confined space, especially a fuel tank, by maintaining a chemically nonreactive inert gas, such as nitrogen in such a space.

For more detailed information about storage tank protection valves, please go to tank blanketing valves.


Selected products

Flame arrestor model 7A00 Detonation flame arrestor is a device that can be fitted to the opening of an enclosure or to the connecting pipe work of a system of enclosures.

Flame arrestor model 6E00  – The Model 6E00 end-of-line deflagration flame arrestor is a device that can be fitted directly on a vessel, tank vent nozzle, or on the end of a vent line.

Tank blanketing valve model 1088 – The Model 1088 is a valve specifically designed for small tank blanketing applications. It opens and closes automatically as required, to maintain a closely controlled blanket pressure.

Pressure vacuum relief valve model 3100 – The Model 3100 is end of line, weight loaded pressure vacuum relief valve, designed to protect the atmospheric and low pressure storage tank from overpressure and vacuum conditions.


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