Storage tank protection at AstraZeneca

In the production of pharmaceuticals several flammable and explosive fluids are used. At AstraZeneca’s production facilities in Södertälje, Sweden, 14 tanks held 13 different fluids of this kind. Due to their flammable and explosive character there was a need for equipment that could protect the tanks and prevent hazardous situations.

The technical solution

Ramén solved the problem by using tank blanketing equipment from Cashco. This tank blanketing method means that nitrogen is applied in the vapour space above the liquid in the closed storage tank. The gas prevents air and moisture from entering the tank and reduces the oxygen content in the vapour space.


• Prevents hazardous situations that could occur due to the flammable and explosive fluids

• Limits product evaporation

• Protects against corrosion

The results at AstraZeneca

At the follow-up after a few years the customer was very happy with the tank blanketing system and found it to be cost effective. There had been no remarks at the inspections and the equipment had had no problem to handle the winter conditions in Sweden with both snow and ice.