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And then we engineer the most efficient solution for your process, no matter where it is.


How to choose automation for industrial valves

Boost process efficiency and optimize operations with the right automation for your valve. Our article covers key factors to consider.


Valves for different media: factors to consider

This is what you need to consider to choose the right industrial valve for gas, industrial wastewater, slurry, steam, drinking water and chemicals.


Valves in mining enrichment - how to ensure operation

Avoid downtime, production errors and occupational injuries. Learn everything you need to know about valves in mining enrichment in our free guide.

Ramen KSC valve

New surface treatment will increase hardness and reduce environmetal affects

We are poised to continue our leadership in the industry with the adoption of the more environmentally friendly SuperExpanite® treatment as our standard hardening treatment, replacing hard chroming.

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Established in 1945

Through decades of producing, developing and refining the Ramén Ball Sector Valve we have learnt that adapting to customer needs is crucial. Our unique proximity between production, engineering and sales allows us to make the small adjustments that make the big differences.

Every valve made in our production facility in Stockholm and Fagersta, Sweden, is carefully manufactured and assembled by professionals according to the most recent ISO quality, environmental and safety requirements. In everything we do our objective is to deliver environmentally sustainable flow control solutions that prolong the product life cycle and maximize production uptime.

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Our engineers know what is takes to master the toughest conditions in a wide range of industries and applications.

Marine and offshore

The design and construction of Ramén Ball Sector Valve are based on diversified practice in harsh environments, such as marine and offshore applications.

Pulp and paper

The Ramén Ball Sector Valve was invented and introduced specifically for the pulp and paper industry in the late 1960’s. This gives us over 50 years of experience with valves for pulp and paper production.

Gas processing image

Industrial gas

We know that gas processing can be complicated. High pressure differentials, high temperatures and impurities combined with strict environmental regulations makes this a complex area. Let our engineers help you tailor the right solution for your process.

Mining and minerals processing

In the mining industry, the applications are often very demanding. To stay competitive on the market for raw materials, the equipment needs to be designed for the rough environment. For this purpose we designed the Ramén KSG, a rubber lined control valve.

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