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Valve solutions for industrial water treatment

Water is a precious and limited resource that must be managed with great responsibility. There are many technologies available for water treatment and industrial processing of water, and for utilizing the biological waste from such processes. Examples of applications are influent and effluent control, flocculation by dosing aluminum or iron sulfate, digestion of sludge in the production biogas and UV radiation to handle bacterial growth.

If you are looking for a partner that can provide durable and sustainable valve solutions for your water treatment facility – Ramén Valves are always ready to take on your case with the objective to reduce risks and costs.

Reduce added chemicals in potable water processes

Potable water is vital for a functioning society. To ensure purity of the water we drink, water treatment plants add chemicals such as Aluminum and Iron sulfate for removing particles and debris with flocculation. Chlorides are also added to minimize bacterial growth. By optimizing the dosing of chemicals major cost savings can be achieved. A proper sized and selected control valve can therefore generate savings far exceeding its own purchasing cost over time.

Valve for water treatment

Ramén Ball Sector valve model KSC

Handling chemicals also generates a significant risk of corrosion to the equipment. By selecting a valve with appropriate wetted parts, you will pro-long the valve life cycle cost. With our valve package solution Ramén KSC you avoid excessive use of chemicals and decrease maintenance costs incurred to corrosion damages. Less chemicals also equals a more environmentally friendly and sustainable operation.

Ramén KSC

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