Safety valves for general industry

If you work with media under pressure, such as hazardous substances, gases and liquids, it is important to pay extra attention to the details. Every industrial plant has its conditions, whether it is the chemical industry, the oil industry or the energy sector, it is very important to use the right safety valve for each application.

HEROSE safety valves have been on the market for a full 145 years and during that time they have been developed to provide maximum reliability. The valves have been tested and approved for extreme environments, e.g. for cryogenic applications down to -196°. Thanks to the flexible technology and the range of different models and configurations of materials, our safety valves can always be adapted to your installation. You are welcome to contact us to find a suitable solution for your process. We are happy to help with valve dimensioning and selection.

Säkerhetsventiler för generell industri

Examples of applications:

  • Different curing processes
  • Metal cleaning machines
  • Industrial washing machines
  • Ironing machines
  • Vehicle braking systems
  • Fire extinguishing system

Products we recommend

Below you will find a selection of safety valves from HEROSE that we at Ramén Valves recommend for industrial applications.

HEROSE säkerhetsventil Modell 06801

Type 06801

Säkerhetsventil HEROSE modell 06380

Type 06380

HEROSE säkerhetsventil modell 06395

Type 06850

HEROSE säkerhetsventil modell 06810

Type 06810