Safety valves for the food industry

Processes in the food and beverage industry require reliable safety valves that do not risk consumer health or plant productivity. At Ramén Valves we offer a wide range of safety valves that meet the requirements for certifications that are often found in food production.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right safety valve for your food or beverage process. The excess pressure must be released in time to avoid dangerous situations. For example, there should be no voids in your system where food accumulates and goes to waste. HEROSE safety valves ensure that the valve is clean, protect the process and secure the work environment.

Säkerhetsventiler för livsmedelsindustri

Examples of applications:

  • Industrial coffee machines
  • Heating and cooling applications
  • Fermenters
  • Production of sweets, e.g. chocolate production
  • Carbon dioxide tanks for beer brewing installations
  • General OEM equipment for bars and restaurants

Products we recommend

Below you will find a selection of safety valves from HEROSE that we at Ramén Valves recommend for applications in food handling.

Säkerhetsventil HEROSE modell 06380

Type 06395

HEROSE säkerhetsventil modell 06810

Type 06810

HEROSE säkerhetsventil Modell 06801

Type 06801

HEROSE säkerhetsventil modell 06395

Type 06850