Safety valves for compressed air and compressed gas

Compressed air and compressed gas are media that are kept under high pressure, e.g. in a compressor. They are used standalone and to drive mechanical devices. Safety valves release excess pressure in the system so that the installation continues to function.

HEROSE safety valves have been carefully developed based on 145 years of experience and working under extreme conditions, e.g. at ‒196°C for cryogenic applications. This means that these safety valves provide maximum reliability in the protection against overpressure in e.g. gas cylinders, compressed air containers, and pressurized vessels. Thanks to the flexible technology and the range of different models, HEROSE’s approved safety valves can always be adapted to your installation to meet the existing requirements.

Säkerhetsventil tryckluft
  • Compressors (read more about how to maximize the lifespan of your compressor)
  • Ball valves that protect against drainage
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Wastewater treatment equipment
  • Vehicle braking systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • Trucks, tankers and silo trucks
  • Industrial kitchens

Products we recommend

Below you will find a selection of safety valves from HEROSE that we at Ramén Valves recommend for compressors and compressed gas applications.

HEROSE safety valve model 06205

Type 06205

HEROSE säkerhetsventil Modell 06801

Type 06801

HEROSE säkerhetsventil modell 06810

Type 06810

Säkerhetsventil HEROSE modell 06380

Type 06380