Safety valves for compressors

A compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. An air compressor is a specific type of gas compressor, primarily used for gases because they can be compressed. With a connected pressure vessel, the compressed gas can be stored in larger quantities. In comparison, pumps are used to pressurize and transport liquids.

How to maximize the function and lifespan of industrial compressors

A motor drives the compressor, reducing the volume of the gas and pumping it into a vessel. If the pressure drops below the set minimum pressure, the motor automatically starts and fills the vessel with fresh, compressed gas. The motor stops when the maximum pressure is reached. In case of overpressure in the vessel, a safety valve opens to release the gas, thus protecting the equipment from cracking and explosions in the piping system. Air compressors are found in almost all industrial facilities and are a significant investment that we want to last a long time. Make sure to regularly check installed safety valves to ensure they are functioning optimally. When purchasing new safety valves, Ramén Valves can assist with sizing and selection, including considerations for materials and sealing choices.

Luftkompressor i en industrianläggning

Process data

Gas pipeline: Up to 100 bar
Compressed air, Instrument air: Up to 20 bar
Multi-stage compressor: Up to 500 bar
Pressure vessel: Protection of the vessel against cracking and explosion
Piping system: Protection of the piping system against cracking and explosion

Säkerhetsventiler för industriella och kryogena applikationer


  • Industrial facilities (natural gas transportation, CNG, LNG, steel mills
  • Pharmaceutical industry (process air, instrument air, filling, packaging)
  • Food and beverage industry (meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits, milk)
  • Construction material industry (pneumatic transport, cooling air, combustion air)
  • Chemical industry (fertilizers, gas to liquid, transport air, packaging)

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