Eccentric rotary plug valves

Eccentric rotary plug valves use a cam like motion to move the plug into the seat thus effecting closure. There are several benefits to this style of valve. There is less torque on the plug once it breaks free of the seat as it is no longer in contact with the seat. Because there is no contact eccentric rotary plug valves will not exhibit the wear normally seen with a ball valve, whose plug is in constant contact with the seat throughout its travel.

Cashco Ranger QCT eccentric rotary plug valves

The Cashco Ranger QCT was introduced in 1981 and was the first eccentric rotary plug valve to use a full 90 degrees of rotation and the ability to change out the trim without removing the stem, packing and positioner from the valve. In addition, the Ranger’s design presents an almost straight thru flow profile which allows it to be used in some very abrasive flow media, without going to an expensive ceramic trim. The Ranger has three different reduced trims as well as low noise trim and anti-cavitation trim none of which require any special spare parts.

Ranger eccentric rotary plug valves also have an abrasive trim option that places a sacrificial piece inside the valve that acts to protect the valve from erosion.

Just how versatile is the Ranger QCT?

The Ranger has been used in fluids ranging from cryogenic liquid nitrogen to super-heated steam service, lime mud applications and heat transfer fluids. The Ranger is available with its original spring return actuators using low air supply pressures or can be mounted with any piston actuator of your choice using its NAMUR mounting brackets. In the 36 years that the Ranger has been on the market it has proven itself to be one of the most versatile control valves ever made.

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The Ranger QCT is a control valve with a pneumatic spring-diaphragm actuator. It can be supplied with either a flanged or flangeless body style. This rotary design provides excellent service life in a wide range of applications. Its most unique de sign feature centers around its Quick Change Trim – QCT.

This concept provides front access to the valve body, allowing use of various low noise inserts, abrasion sleeve or alternate front end seal retainers. Also, combinations of these features can be utilized to meet specific application needs. The Ranger is the most user friendly control valve in the marketplace when it comes to maintenance. It takes a mere five minutes to change trim when out of the pipeline and requires no recalibration.