Vacuum relief valves

Process equipment, pipelines and atmospheric storage tanks must be protected against being subjected to an internal vacuum (i.e., pressures below 0 kPag) that is lower than the equipment can withstand. In such cases, the Engelsberg vacuum relief  valves (also called vacuum vent valves) are installed and set to open at a predetermined vacuum set pressure limit. This is to admit atmospheric air into the process equipment, pipeline or atmospheric storage tank, to control the amount of vacuum. These Engelsberg valves are spring operated, with metal to metal seat.

Vacuum relief valves category image

The Engelsberg vacuum valve type 100 is used for gases and vapor to prevent vacuum in pipes, tanks and containers. A spring-loaded metal-seated plug opens and releases media such as air or nitrogen gas. Opening pressure is set, verified and sealed at factory before delivery.

The Engelsberg type VAC112 is a vacuum breaker made in stainless steel. The VAC112 is used to protect pipelines and closed containers in steam or fluid system for pressures up to 64 barg.