Ball valves

Ball Valves are one of the most used fluid shutoff valves. There are many advantages of using ball valves, to name a few it has a quick quarter turn on/off operation, it is smaller in size than most valves and it has a tight sealing with low torque. Ramén Valves produce its own line of Engelsberg ball valves in Fagersta, Sweden. We also distribute ball valves from the Danish manufacturer Uni-Valve.

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Reliable and durable ball valves for tight shut off in liquid and gas applications. Special design avoiding hidden cavities between ball and body for a longer product life cycle, even in applications containing particles and fibers. Available with soft seat in PTFE and with a PEEK seat for higher temperatures and abrasive media. Can be delivered with hand lever or gear. Actuators can be installed via the mounting flange according to ISO 5211.

Available models/configurations for the Engelsberg KUL series:

KUL 4201= Threaded connection, reduced port
KUL 4301= Threaded connection, full port
KUL 4401= Flange connection, reduced port
KUL 4501= Flange connection, full port 8201= Flange+welded connection, reduced port
KUL 4601= Welded connection, reduced port
KUL 4701= Welded connection, full port
KUL 5501= Wafer design, reduced port
KUL 7201= Threaded+welded connection, reduced port
KUL 7301= Threaded+welded connection, full port
KUL 8301= Flange+welded connection, full port

Uni-Valve ball valve UNI-S66-ISO – 3-piece ball valve

Models in the SS66 series: 

UNI-S66FB-SLX Swivel welding connections
UNI-S66FB-SL Welding connections
UNI-S66FB-G Threaded connections
UNI-S66RB-SLX Swivel welding connections
UNI-S66RB-SL Welding connections
UNI-S66RB-G Threaded connections