Electric actuators

Ramén Valves offers high quality electric actuators from well-known manufacturers and leading brands in the market (e.g. Oden Control, Auma, Rotork Sweden (Remote Control). We supply actuators for all power requirements (24-400 VAC/VDC). These actuators can also provide various communication protocols such as Foundation Field Bus, Profibus, Modbus, Hart and wireless. Some has an optional positioner and some built-in.

Electric actuators utilize electrical energy to produce mechanical force required for valve operation. They are applied for isolation (On-Off) and modulating/throttling (control) applications in power plants, water/wastewater facilities, food and pharmaceutical industries, marine/navy sectors and sub-sea technologies. The application of electric actuators has substantially increased in recent years. This is due to nearly zero maintenance, minimum required accessories and auxiliary systems (e.g. instrument air/hydraulic). They also offer smart control features which are integrated in the actuator.

Supplying the industry with electrically actuated control valves for many decades has given us valuable knowledge that we implement in all our customer offers. Focused on material and energy optimizations, Ramén creates more sustainable and efficient flow control and valve operations.

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AUMA is a world leading supplier of electrical actuators that provides accurate and reliable control automation for quarter turn control valves. AUMA offers a wide range of different types for different applications and environments. As an example the AUMA PROFOX is the selected as actuator for the Ramén KSC, configuration, providing a compact and intelligent solution. AUMA are known for robust and accurate modulating applications as well as on/off applications.

AUMA can also be used for 3-phase, 400VAC installations using the AUMA SQR for control or the AUMA SQ for on/off service. Equipped with interactive display it provides information and diagnostics about both actuator and valve status. Furthermore, it is easy to install and intuitively commission at the device and via a mobile app.

RCEL- series of electrical actuators supplied by Remote Control subsidiary of Rotork Group, offer efficient, reliable, long life and high performance control automation. These actuators, sturdily designed for both On-Off and regulating applications, quietly operate by a fully enclosed electrical motor with a thermal motor protection. They have also a built-in heater preventing condensation because of temperature and humidity change.

RCEL model features a “power start” function, i.e. an increasing rpm before start, producing a higher torque at start-up mode. This advantage makes this series a suitable choice for valves have been standstill for a long time and initially require more force.

Oden Control V- series electrical actuators, are characterized as highly accurate, reliable, very compact, energy efficient and requiring nearly zero maintenance.

They utilize a stepper motor design running with adjustable acceleration. Stepper motor can move the actuator in discrete angular increments in response to electrical pulses resulting in highly improved control resolution. This feature enables the model to provide control precision of up to 5000 steps in 90° turn.

V-series electrical actuators are suitable for both On/Off and throttling applications with free OVP-V software for easy configuration.