Ramén Valves Unveils Cutting-edge Digital Product Platform for Enhanced Customer Experience

Ramén Valves Unveils Cutting-edge Digital Product Platform for Enhanced Customer Experience

Stockholm, Sweden – Ramén Valves, a leading provider of industrial valve solutions for the process industry, is announcing the launch of its new digital product platform, a hub designed to empower customers with seamless access to product information, simplified purchasing, and enhanced support services.

The all-encompassing product platform has been designed to provide easy access to all vital product related information such as prices, delivery times, and documentation as well as tools for sizing  and selection, and comparing products—all consolidated in one user-friendly interface. This initiative reflects Ramén Valves’ commitment to delivering an ideal and easy to use experience for both existing and potential customers.

Key features of Ramén Valves’ new digital product platform:

Centralized Information Hub
Users can now effortlessly navigate through the product platform to find comprehensive details about Ramén Valves’ products, eliminating the need to search through multiple sources. The product platform provides flexibility, allowing users to access critical information at their convenience. Whether in the office, on the factory floor, or on the go, users can effortlessly retrieve the information they need.

Direct Purchase Capability
Customers can now easily order or request quotes for valves and valve accessories directly through the product platform which simplifies the purchasing journey, offering a user-friendly and efficient way to acquire Ramén Valves’ high-quality products. Existing customers benefit from the ability to easily replicate past orders, get customer specific discounts, and access their complete purchasing history on the platform. This feature enhances convenience, allowing users to effortlessly track and manage their transactions with Ramén Valves.

In a bid to further enhance customer convenience, Ramén Valves new product platform makes it possible for customers to use a punchout solution that enables the customers to browse and purchase products from Raméns Valves’ platform through their own ERP system. The punchout eliminates the need for time-consuming email exchanges and document transfers. Customers can easily find products using their own article numbers, send orders, receive order confirmations, updates, and invoices directly into their ERP system, ensuring a modern and efficient procurement process.

Ramén PRO Sizing Tool
The product platform includes the Ramén PRO Sizing tool, a selection software for sizing and selection for control valves and safety valves . This tool empowers users with accurate and efficient sizing capabilities, ensuring the optimal choice for their specific applications.

Easy and Direct Access to Technical Expertise
The product platform features a live chat function, providing users with instant access to technical specialists for real-time assistance. This enables quick issue resolution and ensures a smooth customer experience. Users can also seamlessly book meetings with Ramén Valves’ technical experts directly through the product platform, facilitating personalized consultations and expert guidance.

Per Wennersten, Managing Director at Ramén Valves, stated, “Our new digital product platform marks a significant leap forward in providing our customers with an unparalleled experience. By combining information accessibility, direct purchasing, and advanced support features, we are redefining the way customers engage with Ramén Valves.”

Ramén Valves remains dedicated to providing top-notch industrial valve solutions and looks forward to further enriching the customer experience through ongoing technological and digital innovations.

Visit the product platform at products.ramenvalves.com.

About Ramén Valves 

Ramén Valves is a leading manufacturer of industrial valves for the process industry, including pulp and paper, power generation, mining, and chemical processing. With a focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability, Ramén Valves has established itself as a trusted partner for its customers worldwide. For more information, please visit ramenvalves.com.


Management: Per Wennersten, CEO, [email protected]
Sales: Stéphane Blanchet, Sales Manager, [email protected]
Marketing: E-commerce Manager, Matilda Lundgren [email protected]
Marketing: Lina Pasi, Marketing Coordinator, [email protected]

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