SuperExpanite®: An Environmentally Friendly and Superior Surface Hardening Solution for Improved Durability and Cost-Effectiveness

SuperExpanite®: An Environmentally Friendly and Superior Surface Hardening Solution for Improved Durability and Cost-Effectiveness

As a step in its continuous efforts to achieve a more sustainable production process, Ramén Valves has chosen SuperExpanite® as its new surface hardening process, replacing hard chroming. SuperExpanite® is a gas-based process that yields no toxic waste and has the lowest carbon footprint in the industry.


What is SuperExpanite®? 

The SuperExpanite® treatment was invented by the Danish company Expanite, a surface hardening treatment provider that has revolutionized the industry with its new, sustainable surface hardening treatments. SuperExpanite® combines a high-temperature vacuum solution-nitriding process and a low-temperature atmospheric nitrocarburizing process. The result is a surface layer that is up to 10 times harder than the original material and also resistant to corrosion and wear.

What problems does SuperExpanite® solve? 

One of the main advantages with SuperExpanite® is that it eliminates the need for hard chroming, which is a highly toxic surface hardening treatment. The SuperExpanite® treatment provides at least the same hardness level as hard chroming, but eliminates the need of dangerous chemicals, making the process more environmentally friendly.

Expanite also solves the problem of parts wearing out too quickly due to exposure to abrasive media. The SuperExpanite® treatment increases the hardness of the parts in contact with abrasive particles without altering the corrosive resistance of the base material. This means that parts can withstand exposure to abrasive and corrosive media for longer periods, increasing their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

Moreover, the SuperExpanite® treatment can be used on different parts of the valves which previously were not commonly treated by hard chroming. This leads to possibilities in very harsh environments where SuperExpanite® treatment could be a better solution than hard chroming. Additionally, SuperExpanite® can be used in applications where hard chroming was not compatible with the media.


How will it affect my costs? 

Ramén Valves’ products that were previously provided with hard chroming are now instead treated with SuperExpanite®. This provides customers with a comparable, or even better, level of hardness and better corrosion resistance, without the use of toxic chemicals. The price will be unaffected by this change but since the durability will be improved for many abrasive and corrosive applications it will in fact lower the product’s total life cycle cost.


What applications is it suitable for? 

The SuperExpanite® treatment is suitable for various applications, particularly in industries where parts are in contact with abrasive media, such as valves used in slurries, wastewater, and fiber suspensions. The treatment can be used in a wide range of industries, including pulp and paper, steel, mining, chemical, food and energy.


Description of the SuperExpanite® process

SuperExpanite® combines two processes:

The vacuum solution-nitriding process involves heating a part in a vacuum chamber to a temperature of 1000-1200°C. Nitrogen is then introduced into the chamber, and the part absorbs it. The nitrogen diffuses into the material, increasing the core hardness of the part and creating a unique load-bearing capacity. This process secures corrosion resistance, making the part more durable.

The atmospheric nitrocarburizing process involves heating the part in an atmospheric environment to a temperature of 380-470°C. This process establishes a double hardened zone containing nitrogen and carbon, where nitrogen adds increased surface hardness while carbon bridges the gap to the softer core. The result is a surface that is extremely hard and resistant to wear.


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