Throttling of deposit from thickener in iron ore dressing plants

  • Flow 120-240 m3/h with 10-30% solids
  • Grain size about 1mm
  • Inlet pressure – 0,8 bar
  • Pressure drop 0,8 bar
Measures and results

In this case our Ramén Ball Sector Valve KSG proved that soft natural rubber in certain cases is much more resistant than steel.

A soft rubber lined KSG valve, size 150 mm was installed in one of the largest Swedish Iron mines at the exactly same application as a valve without the rubber lining. After six months (four of continuous service) the KSG valve was taken out for inspection and absolutely no wear could be observed.

The customer had tested several other valve technologies, such as rubber pinch valves and lined butterfly valves in the same service and none had lasted more than two months. Changing to Ramén’s ball sector valves gave the customer several benefits including much lower maintenance cost and downtime.