Tryckreducerande regulator DA4

Model DA4 is high performance, pressure loaded diaphragm type, flow-to-open pressure reducing regulator. Design includes an internal pressure balancing piston-cylinder that provides high flow capacity and high pressure drop capability. The internal trim design allows the same basic unit to cover a broad range of pressure settings. Performance meets or exceeds that of competitive pressure loaded or pilot-operated designs. The DA4 regulator is applied primarily in clean gaseous ser vice, but may also be applied as a liquid or steam valve. Truly a “DO-ALL” pressure regulator.



Teknisk spec

  • 1/2"-4.0"
  • Ductile,cast carbon steel,cast bronze,cast stainless steel,hastelloy c
  • 3705 PSIG
  • Female NPT,tapered thread female,flanged,extended-nipples
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Data sheet Cashco DA4 English
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IOM Cashco DA4 English
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