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Control valve solution for high temperature applications

Steam, as heating medium or as a process stream, is an essential part of almost any industrial plants from food and chemicals to heavier industries like pulp and paper, mining, oil and gas and power plants. Steam production is an energy-intensive process, which involves cost and environmental impacts. Make sure to choose a control valve solution that fulfills the process requirements. Ramén Valves has a strong know-how to fulfill certain criteria for steam and condensate control, offering a tailored control valve solution for high temperature application.

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Steam is a complex medium to handle, and to make the most of its properties you need to pay extra attention to the temperature and pressure throughout the system. Because valves change pressure and temperature as steam passes through, the correct valve type and sizing is required. One problem that often arises is noise, which occurs at extremely high velocities in the valve. You can limit this by making sure that the sizing is based on correct process parameters. Use our sizing tool Ramén PRO Sizing to size your valve, or contact us to handle the sizing and selection for you.

steam control simplified flow diagram

Simplified flow diagram for steam control

Control valves for steam applications are dominantly used to control the system pressure and temperature. The most common ways of controlling steam in the heating process is by installing the control valve either on steam or condensate stream, as shown below. Accurate control is a necessity in process control and thermal efficiency. Steam can also be used as a process stream (e.g. in a chemical process, distillation column etc.). In such cases, the accuracy of steam flow control may be even more vital in the plant controllability, process efficiency and even quality of products.

Our solution - Ramén KS 1B ball sector valve

The modified version of Ramén KS-1B ball sector valve, is designed to withstand temperature as high as +250°C while maintaining the control precision and reliability. This is thanks to carefully selected materials and technical specifications such as:

Material specifications:

• Body: Stainless steel AISI 316L
• Ball Sector: Hard chromed
• Seat: Stellite
• O-ring: High grade EPDM-90
• Bearing: NORGLIDE® MP

Technical specifications:

• Size range: DN 25 – DN 300
• Pressure Class: PN 16 (40)
• Temperature range: up to +250°C
• Control rangeability: 300:1
• Inherent characteristic: Equal percentage
• Capacity: Kvs: 0,025 – 3840 [m3/h] / Cv:0,03-4500 [gpm]

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