Engineering resin production

When handling fiber enforced plastic, abrasion and corrosion on the valve body, tapered seat or plug can be challenging. Even where expensive Hastelloy-C control valves have been used in these processes we have seen very short valve life times.

A ball sector valve solves the problem and reduces cost

The problem is solved by using ball sector valves in stainless steel with hard chrome plated ball sector surfaces, such as Ramén KS-1C.

This ball sector valve is much less expensive than control valves in Hastelloy C and lasts much longer due to its construction. Other important reasons to use ball sector valves are their comparably light weight and relatively low actuator thrusts. Furthermore, the valve does not get blocked because the entire pipe cross section is left unobstructed when the ball sector is fully open. They also have high rangeability and flow capacity.